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Thank you for taking your valuable time to check us out! We come to you! and properly maintain your investment giving your vehicle personalized care. Providing a fastfriendly & convenient service.
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Why, you should get your vehicle Detailed?

Un-less your vehicle hibernates in your garage year around, most vehicles are driven daily, exposing the paints finish, plastic trim, glass, rubber & interior surfaces to harsh environmental contaminants. These contaminants are greasy skin oils, UV sun rays, hard water deposits, bird droppings, road tar, industrial fallout, brake dust particles, dirt, etc. These environmental elements are attacking and deteriorating your vehicles appearance every day on the road, thus robbing value from your vehicle.
 A normal express wash from you or your local car wash isn't nearly sufficient to maintain your vehicle in top condition. Using a variety of techniques & state of the art products, I highly recommend that we re-moisturize & protect all surfaces to keep the appearance of your vehicle looking show room quality for years to come!  

How often do you recommend? 

To be honest, It's owner preference. Provided, your a daily driver & strive to maintain your vehicles appearance in top condition, we recommend the following:
  • weekly inside & out clean
  • once a month hand wax (re-condition leather, vinyl & plastic components if necessary)
  • every 6-12 months 1 Full- detail (more than just a good clean, re-conditioning of all interior & exterior surfaces - call for details)

Take a chance & call us today!  (619-279-9614)

Sincerely, Mark Proscelle (owner/operator)

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